Amy Sereday

Picture of Amy Sereday Family Meeting Facilitator

Phone: (860) 259-1575

15 Massirio Dr
Berlin, Connecticut 06037

Planning for the future of an aging loved one or family member with a disability is no easy task. The decisions that need to be made may open up the doors to conflict and heightened emotions within a family.

That's where Amy Sereday can help. With a master's degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from Columbia University and years of experience as a family mediator, Amy has the tools to help your family move forward.

As a Family Meeting Facilitator, Amy helps families have important, and sometimes difficult conversations.

Maybe it’s a difficult discussion with Mom about taking away her keys. Or maybe it’s a caregiver who needs help asking for respite support from the family. Or maybe parents aren’t on the same page with planning for a disabled child’s future. 

Through a collaborative family meeting, Amy will help you address indecision, conflict, and the emotions that come up in the process. She serves as a neutral party in the middle of it all. She aims to focus you to more effectively use your own problem-solving skills to make personalized, sound decisions.

So why is Amy so effective at guiding your family to a decision that is agreed upon by all? It’s equal parts skill, experience, and education.

Amy has a passion for dissecting problems and helping families find creative solutions. She knows how to manage the triggers that derail constructive conversation. And she has an uncanny ability to uncover hidden issues.

She’s worked in the legal world for over 15 years in areas like estate planning, real estate, elder law and disability planning. She’s not merely a facilitator, she also understands all of the intricacies of these topics which allows her to ask the right questions and direct collaborative meetings effortlessly.

Outside of the office, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 Italian Greyhounds. She is very creative and almost always has a sewing, decorating, or remodeling project going on at home.

Other impressive things:

  • She volunteers in the NY courts, providing custody and visitation mediation
  • She is a certified mediator and a member of the Elder Decision-Making section of the Association for Conflict Resolution
  • She received a post-baccalaureate certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of Hartford
  • Her undergraduate degree was a BA in Communications from Western CT State University
  • She is a member of the International Ombudsman Association
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