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Contrary to popular belief, a Will or Last Will and Testament, isn’t always written in stone.

Quite frequently, disputes arise over the contents of a Will and the parties who are at odds must seek outside help to resolve the issues. Because there are often conflicts of interest around such disputes, it’s important for each party Continue reading

power of attorney actConnecticut has amped up the protection that a power of attorney provides.

Effective October 1, 2016, Connecticut will do away with the statutory short form power of attorney act, replacing it with the Uniform Power of Attorney Act (UPOAA).

The UPOAA both clarifies and modernizes Connecticut’s principal-agent laws, and gives you greater protection under the law from exploitation.

The UPOAA sends a clear message that there will be harsh consequences for any agent who breaks the trust and welfare of a senior for financial gain. Continue reading

Portrait of happy woman who is hoping for good newsBy Carmine Perri  

With Thanksgiving behind us and other holidays quickly approaching, most of us are now in full holiday swing.  Maybe it is simply the time of year where the word “expectation” is bouncing around in my mind.

With these holidays, we must at least consider the notion that expectations are created and that some of us, from children to adults, have some expectation about receiving gifts (from where is a conversation for you to have with your loved ones). Continue reading

mercuryBy Carmine Perri

Recently, I came across an email that listed 45 synonyms for “old” and “old fashioned.”

In reviewing the 45 word list, I got to thinking more about the consequences of the meaning of each of these words.

As an example, what jumps to mind when I write the word vintage?  Maybe that classic car?  Maybe that high quality wine?

Certainly something that is excellent, enduring, and classical. Continue reading

157H (1)By Carmine Perri

Because of my practice area, probate and elder law litigation, I oftentimes find myself in either the courtroom or the hallway with a client fielding this all too common question:

“What could we have done to avoid all of this?”

You probably have an estate plan which means you have certainly taken a step in the right direction to protect your assets and ensure that they get distributed as you wish.

But you may be able to do more. Continue reading

Grabbing moneySo you’ve got your house in order, estate plan complete and signed, wishes documented. What are the chances of your Will being challenged?

From our experience, the chances are greater than before.

Will contests

Will contests, when one or more parties challenge a Last Will & Testament, are a direct attack in probate court against one’s estate plan.  There is a growing trend however,  of attacks against estate plans that take place outside of probate court.

We’ve been seeing a marked increase in people challenging Continue reading

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