Proposed Budget Could Prevent You From Getting Home Care in Connecticut

AdobeStock_100981959-300x200By Lara Schneider Bomzer

Governor Malloy has revealed his new budget plan to reduce a deficit close to $1.7 billion.  The plan includes cuts designed to freeze the number of recipients of who may be eligible for the “Category 2” Connecticut Home Care Program for the Elders.  These are recipients who need care at home, but whose asset levels exceed Medicaid eligibility requirements.

Under the Governor’s plan, the current 2,500 slots would be frozen by June 30th.  If anyone were to leave the program after that, then a new person could enroll.

This is stunning news for a Connecticut demographic that is continuing to age and is expected to have 25% of its residents be over the age of 60 by 2030, according to Connecticut AARP.

By freezing the number of applicants in the program, the state will force people to spend down their assets and become eligible for the “Category 3” Medicaid program.  Some people may be unable to remain at home which will cause a greater need for skilled nursing and institutionalized care.

Stay tuned to see if these budget cuts will remain in Governor Malloy’s final budget plan.

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