Free Webinar: How to Avoid Probate with a Trust

Learn some probate avoidance techniques

Probate can be a long process that people often wish they could avoid. However, there are some techniques available that can be used to avoid the process such as a living trust. Learn how trusts and other probate avoidance techniques (like using joint accounts) can be utilized to avoid probate and as part of your estate plan.

In this webinar, Attorney Erin Duques explains some probate avoidance techniques and the pros and cons of each. She'll also discuss the recent Connecticut trust law changes that may make you want to re-examine your trust if you already have one in place.

What else will you learn from this webinar?

  • What is probate and why might you want to avoid it?
  • How can a revocable trust be used to help avoid the probate process.
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  • What must be done after a trust agreement is signed?
  • How does the new Connecticut Uniform Trust Code affect probate avoidance planning techniques?

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