Protecting Your Assets from the Costs of Long-Term Care
Long-Term Care Planning

Have you heard the story about the person who lost their house because they had to pay for nursing home care?

It's a scary thought. But can it really happen?

Sort of.

Having to sell your home to pay for care generally happens when one runs out of money and has to go on Medicaid.

In this webinar, Attorney Lara Bomzer explains how you can protect your assets with a carefully-orchestrated plan.

What else will you learn from this webinar?

  • All about the confusing Medicaid rules around whether or not you can keep your house.
  • How an irrevocable trust can help protect your house and other assets.
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  • The dangers of gifting your home and other assets to your children or loved ones.
  • If your home is already in a trust, is it the right kind of trust to protect it?

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