Free Webinar: Identifying and Preventing Financial Exploitation of the Elderly

How to Recognize When Something Isn’t Right
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It can be as simple as a couple hundred dollars slyly taken by a hired caretaker and it can be as complicated as a trusted "loved one" persuading a mature adult to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately financial exploitation of the elderly happens. And it can happen to you or your loved one.

In this webinar, Attorney Andrew Veale from our litigation team explains how to identify elder abuse and ways to prevent it.

What else will you learn from this webinar?

  • What does financial exploitation look like?
  • What can be done legally if financial exploitation happens to you?
  • How can you reduce your chances of ending up in a risky situation?
  • What can be done if you see elder abuse or exploitation happening?
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  • How can you find the courage to stand up to elder abuse or financial exploitation?

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