Free Webinar: Understanding and Preparing for Long-Term Care Costs

How Can You Protect Your Nest Egg?
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Long-term care is necessary for a lot of people. But long-term care is expensive. VERY expensive. (Connecticut's long-term-care costs are the second-highest in the U.S.!) But long-term care planning MUST be done the right way. If it’s not, your assets might be at risk.

What if you didn’t do any long-term care planning and an unforeseen crisis hits? Can you still protect your nest egg?

In this webinar, Attorney Colleen Masse explains what you can do to protect your assets from long-term care costs and how a trust can be a powerful planning tool. In addition, Colleen provides an overview of Medicaid – its rules, eligibility requirements and what you can do to protect your life savings if a crisis situation arises.

What else will you learn from this webinar?

  • How can you get the State to pay for nursing home and home care?
  • What are some strategies to protect assets if a crisis arises?
  • How can an irrevocable trust be used as a tool to pay for long term care?
  • What is a SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity) and how is it used for asset protection for married couples and single individuals?
  • What does the Medicaid application process like?
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  • What are the eligibility requirements to qualify for Medicaid?
  • What is the five-year look back period?

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