Free Webinar: Understanding Probate in Connecticut

Navigating the probate process and how it works

Whether you have been involved with the probate process or have not yet had the experience, one thing is for certain - there is a lot to know about Probate in Connecticut!

In this webinar, Attorney Paul Knierim (a retired Connecticut probate judge who was also the administrator of all of Connecticut's 54 probate courts) will take you through an overview of the probate courts, and when and how you may be able to avoid probate (but not the probate fee!)

What else will you learn from this webinar?

    • How the probate court handles more than just estate settlement, and includes helping adults with intellectual disabilities, in children’s matters, quarantine orders, and more.
    • How and why are conservatorships used?
    • What is the process and timeline for full probate to conclude?
    • What are the most common reasons that a matter in probate may be contested?
    • What are some tools I can use to avoid probate?
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    • What about fees?
    • When should I use a lawyer for my affairs in probate court?

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