Ethical Will Sample

(your name here)

To my Family and Friends,

Although I have left behind a Last Will and Testament disposing of my material wealth and possessions, it is my desire to leave behind this Ethical Will disposing of memories and values I have accumulated over the years.

Include a brief statement about why this Ethical Will is important to you and/or the circumstances surrounding your eventual death. For instance, some people would like to memorialize certain hopes and values for their children and families during times of serious or terminal illnesses.

Include information on your life that your family and friends may or may not know. Share memories that are important to you.

Address your own family or express your feelings on family in general. For instance: “It is important to maintain a healthy balance between your career and family. Praise and encourage your children as much and as often as possible.”

Include your feelings on education, if appropriate – children or grandchildren attending college; exploring new activities, ideas, etc.

Include your feelings on religion, spirituality, and/or faith that you would like to share with your family and friends.

Discuss the values important to you that you would like to share with your friends and family, such as patience, civic involvement, volunteerism.

It is my desire in leaving behind this Ethical Will that my family and friends remember my life and values. It is also my desire that my family and friends utilize any material wealth or possessions I may have left behind to pursue the values I have discussed in this Ethical Will. In the event that I have passed away before (my spouse/significant other), I hope that my family and friends use any material wealth or possessions I may have left behind to support (my spouse/significant other) in the lifestyle to which s/he is accustomed.

Signed this ___ day of __________, 20__, at ___________________, Connecticut.

(Your name)