AdobeStock_284813549-300x200Maybe you have a friend or family member that has talked about setting up a “living” or “revocable” trust, and now you’re wondering exactly what that is and whether it might be an appropriate estate planning tool for you. Fair question.

A living trust is not necessary for everyone, but – in the right situations – including it in an estate plan offers important advantages. 

This overview covers the most frequently asked questions about living trusts, and also provides links to further reading that can help you determine if a trust might be a good fit for you. 

AdobeStock_637141132-300x168No one looks forward to applying for Medicaid. It’s a complex and grueling process, the rules are always changing, and there are so many things that can go wrong.

Unfortunately, as is often the case, there are companies that are only too willing to take advantage of this situation. These companies claim to be able to process your Medicaid application at a low cost.  But these non-attorneys may cause their customers great harm – putting Medicaid applicants at risk for a number of serious issues including denial of eligibility, severe tax liability, loss of spousal assets and other situations that may threaten the client’s life savings and other assets.

Often it is a nursing home that refers Medicaid applicants to these companies, so there is the very real possibility of a conflict of interest.

watchstep-300x199“Ever since she fell it’s been downhill from there…”

We’ve heard this so many times!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), of people 65 and over, more than one out of four of them fall. This equates to about 3 million people treated in emergency rooms and over 800,000 patients hospitalized annually due to complications from a fall.

While the majority of falls do not cause significant physical problems, approximately 20% of falls do cause serious injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, or simply increase both the fear and the likelihood of future falls.

Common Causes of Falls

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AdobeStock_76179051-300x200By Jeff Rivard

The saying “you can’t take it with you” is meant to remind people that no matter how much wealth you accumulate in your lifetime, you’ll have to leave it behind when you pass. Unfortunately, for your heirs, the same goes for your debts.

Turns out that dying is no excuse for defaulting on debt. So then the pertinent questions become

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AdobeStock_109546247-300x216The bond between people and horses is a strong one. Over the millennia, this interspecies relationship has evolved from one of equine servitude as a beast of burden to one in which horses share our lives in a much more intimate and integral way.

Cowboys in the West still rely on their trusty Quarter Horses to wrangle livestock. Equestrians all across the world breed, train, and compete with their four-legged athletic partners. And young children still fall in love with the idea of someday having a pony of their very own. Even people who have never ridden a horse can enjoy the animal’s majestic beauty. 

Horses also often take on therapeutic roles. Dating back to Ancient Greece, equine therapy has long been used to treat a variety of physical ailments including cerebral palsy, behavioral tics, motor control issues, and coordination problems.

25th-logo-300x296Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri is pleased to announce the Firm’s silver anniversary!

Since first opening its doors in Newington in 1998 as Czepiga Law Group, Czepiga Daly Pope and Perri has grown to include 12 attorneys in 5 Connecticut office locations.

Along with its office headquartered in Berlin, the Firm has included expansions into New Milford, Madison, Simsbury, and South Windsor.

AdobeStock_265755506-300x200By: Beth Dance

As a working mom and active human being, I treasure blissful relaxation. Some nights it’s seemingly simple and I fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow. However, there are certainly nights where I lay awake excruciatingly long, drumming up to-do lists with my brain negating rest.

Recently, in an anxious and desperate moment, I think I actually googled the words “how to fall asleep faster” and what I found was an instant game changer.

Responsibility wooden sign with a street backgroundYou might get the news from an unexpected phone call.  Maybe you knew it would come someday, but were surprised when the day finally arrived.  Or perhaps no one told you, and you learned about it after stumbling upon your deceased parent’s trust.

No matter how it happens, the news is the same: You’ve been appointed a Successor Trustee.

How did you become trustee?

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AdobeStock_511349516-300x194Eating healthy is important at all stages of life, but perhaps especially as we grow older and our bodies need all the advantages we can give them. When we’re younger, we can get away with paying less attention to the recommended nutrition guidelines and overindulging here and there, but aging bodies need a little more TLC. 

The good news is that eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t have to be boring.

In fact, eating a more balanced and varied diet can expand your culinary horizons. And taking better care about what you eat has so many benefits: more energy, healthier weight, stronger bones, more resilient immune system, happier outlook, and fewer trips to the doctor, just to name a few.

Brendan-4896-2128-5221-v1-300x200By Brendan F. Daly, CELA*

The practice of elder law is unique – it is not exclusive to a specific substantive area of law—such as bankruptcy. Rather, a reputable elder law attorney is proficient in several substantive areas that may affect an entire demographic segment that comprise our clients: the elderly.

Choosing a capable attorney to assist you or your parents, then, is a tall order.

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