AdobeStock_78299489-300x211By Paul T. Czepiga

Wow.  What a difference a few weeks can make.

Donald Trump’s election to the Presidency has all those political pundits, talking heads, and pollsters re-examining the old shiboleths and trying to be prognosticians.

Well, I won’t try to be a fortune teller, but I will pass on what I just heard.

I recently spent an entire day at the New England Tax Institute. There were speakers from Washington D.C.’s largest law firms and nationally known speakers. These speakers have their fingers more on the nation’s economic and tax pulse than I do and I will cede to them the task of predicting the future. Continue reading

Tools forming a house with energy efficiency chimney
By Tom Denikin,

The term “nesting” is in reference mostly to pregnant women who have an instinct to prepare their home for the arrival of their little bundle. But anyone who needs a home makeover can experience this feeling, because you want anyone who inhabits or visits your abode to be as comfortable and feel as welcome as possible.

If you, your child or loved one has special needs, it is especially important to adjust the average housing design to accommodate accessibility. Here are some ideas:

The words Power of Sharing on a white billboard, banner or outdoor sign to encourage you to give, share, donate or volunteer to help provide relief or assistance others in need
It may be true what they say about not being able to “take it with you.”

It’s also true that – with the right planning – your assets can continue to support the organizations and causes you care about.

Charitable bequests help you extend the reach of your legacy through planned giving that defines specific gifts in your Will. But, you need to be diligent about how you structure a bequest if you want to ensure that your money and other gifts are used according to your wishes.

Types of bequests

• A bequest can be general (providing funds to help an organization with its general purposes) or specific (providing funds that are earmarked for a clearly defined use).

• They can be simple – the donation of a designated amount Continue reading

BIG NEWS black stamp text on green backgroundAfter remaining relatively unchanged since 1965 (yes, 40+ years ago), Connecticut has replaced its power of attorney (POA) laws and form with a new more powerful form and laws to ensure your wishes are honored.

This new law is so important and will have such a potentially significant impact on you, that the Connecticut legislature passed the law in 2015 but gave us all until October 1, 2016 (its effective date) to get ready for it.

Should you revise your existing POA? DEFINITELY!

If you signed your POA prior to October 1st, 2016, it is still valid, but you won’t have all the powers and protections of the new law.

And if you don’t have a POA, now is the time to get one! Continue reading

 AdobeStock_86207800-300x158Note: For additional information on conservatorship, please read our introductory post, What Is a Conservatorship? and the follow up, Applying for Conservatorship in Connecticut.

Deciding to conserve a loved one is a complex and sometimes painful process. You want the best care and quality of life for the people you love, but it can be daunting to consider the intervention and support of external parties.

Because application for conservatorship requires the involvement of the court, it’s important to understand how the court evaluates your loved one’s situation and capacity as well as what means you have to appeal the decision the court makes.

Home DecoratingBy Melinda Otlowski, Accessible Design Consultants

You, like most Americans, probably hope to lead an independent and active life in your own home for as long as possible.

According to the AARP, 85 percent of those older than 50 desire to grow old in their own homes. This common desire is rooted in our deep-seated human needs for comfort, security, independence and identity. Not only does “aging in place” answer fundamental emotional needs, it also makes financial sense.

Staying in your home, even with the help of a caregiver or home aide, is typically
more economical than moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home. Continue reading

grandfather-on-the-porch-519288-mMany people believe that assisted living in Connecticut is out of reach for the average older adult, financially speaking, especially since our state is even pricier than other nearby states. But here’s some good news: the State of Connecticut supports several assisted living programs for individuals and couples with modest means.

According to the Department of Social Services’ website: “Assisted living bridges the gap between independent living and nursing homes. Assisted living is designed for people who want to live in a community setting and who need help with activities of daily living (ADLs), but who do not need as much care as they would receive at a nursing home.”

Why does the state want to help you stay out of a nursing home? Continue reading

New Car GiftWhen you die, someone is going to benefit from the use of your car. Wouldn’t it be nice to decide now exactly who that person should be?

The easiest way to transfer your car to someone you care about is to plan in advance. When registering a vehicle, you can designate a transfer-on-death (TOD) beneficiary, not unlike what you can do with a bank account.

How to designate a beneficiary

Simply complete the area reserved for this purpose on the reverse side of your registration certificate. If you do not have a registration certificate, or if you are registering a new vehicle, complete the Official Registration, Form H-13, and designate the Owner in Box 1 as “John Doe, Transfer on Death to Jane Doe.”

When you die, the transfer-on-death beneficiary need only bring a certified copy of your death certificate to the nearest Department of Vehicles office to have the registration transferred. Continue reading

Heart in woman hands. Love giving, care, health, protection concept

By Kathleen D. Tetreault

Family members of individuals with intellectual disabilities go to extraordinary lengths to provide their loved ones with proper supports, services, and care.  Establishing guardianship is often a necessary part of protecting the health and safety of individuals with intellectual disabilities.  Yet, while many people are generally familiar with the concept of guardianship, few know what guardianship of an individual with an intellectual disability actually entails. Continue reading

Driving CarHave you ever thought it might be nice to make a little extra money to supplement your retirement?

Maybe you need a bit more income just to make ends meet, or maybe you’re doing okay but wouldn’t mind having some room in your budget for nice-to-have treats like a special night out or a weekend away.

Many digital-savvy seniors have found fun and creative ways to earn this kind of additional money as participants in the sharing economy. Continue reading

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