Estate Planning From Home: Video Conferencing is Easier Than You Think

jetsonsIn 1962, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera (better known as Hanna-Barbera) premiered The Jetsons, a cartoon series about a family living their best lives 100 year in the future in the year 2062.

We’re still 42 years away from being contemporaries of the Jetsons, but many of the technologies the show predicted have already become a reality. George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy Jetson enjoyed many of the modern conveniences we now take for granted, from flat-screen TVs and tablet computers to robot vacuums and smart watches.

One of the technologies predicted by the show has taken center stage during the COVID-19 pandemic: video conferencing. While the first video conferencing phone was introduced by AT&T at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, the technology didn’t really become ubiquitous until the 2000s with the launch of internet-based video conferencing technologies like Skype.

Today, video conferencing is a staple in our business and personal lives. Companies large and small use it to run their operations while friends and family use it to keep in touch over long distances.

And now, with the restrictions imposed by the need to stay home and social distance, the use of video conferencing has rocketed, becoming a way of life for consumers, businesses, students, and pretty much everyone else in the world.

Benefits of video conferencing

While some people (including our clients) were initially hesitant to venture into this new technological territory, most people are now realizing the major benefits of using video conferencing for a variety of purposes.

  • Students who were unable to finish out the spring semester due to the pandemic took their learning online, attending classes via Zoom video calls.
  • Patients who need care are taking advantage of Telehealth offerings to avoid the need to visit doctors’ offices while maintaining quality care.
  • And, of course, businesses of all kinds (including ours!) have transitioned to working remotely both in terms of having employees work from home and seeing clients virtually via video conferencing.

Our Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri team members have adapted well to working from home. And many of our clients are also embracing this new normal. We’ve made it as easy as possible because we don’t want anyone to think they need to put off their planning. (In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to have everything in order!)

There are actually many benefits to meeting with us virtually.

  • There’s no need to travel to our offices and no weather to contend with; you only need to go as far as your own computer…and you can even wear your slippers!
  • And because we’re not meeting in person, there’s no need to wear a mask, which is nice because—even though we advocate for wearing masks in person—they can muffle speech and make it difficult to communicate. We also like seeing our clients’ entire faces, we feel it’s easier to make that connection.
  • Most of all, we’re glad to be able to offer our clients this option because it helps keep everyone safe and healthy, which is our highest concern.

In addition to protecting our clients’ physical well-being, we also make sure we’re protecting their privacy. We run our virtual meetings using GoToMeeting software, an easy-to-use, browser-based (no download required) video conferencing platform used by thousands of businesses all over the world. GoToMeeting provides the highest levels of security and privacy compliance. Bottom line: you don’t need to worry about privacy or data security issues. We have you covered.

When you’re ready to get your planning started (and live like the Jetsons!) and enjoy the convenience, ease, and efficiency of conducting your affairs via video conferencing, we invite you to reach out and schedule an appointment with our team. We are here for you.

Whether you prefer to confer with us by phone or video, we’ll make it as easy as possible. Although the process is actually quite simple, we understand that you may not be familiar or comfortable with technology. That’s why we have a technology concierge on staff who will be happy to walk you through everything step by step and answer any questions you may have.

Even though we are preparing to move toward in-person meetings soon, we expect that virtual will be the way to go for some time to come. Together we can make it easy and even enjoyable. We look forward to “seeing” you soon, even if it’s only over the digital airwaves!


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