Caring for a Parent or Spouse?


Caring for a loved one can be the highest calling of your life. But it holds unique challenges.

Roles get reversed, responsibilities swell, family dynamics get complicated. And medical, legal and financial matters move into the forefront.

But more than anything, you need answers!

medicaid crisis
  • Where do you start?
  • Who will provide care and how will it be paid for?
  • What are your options when your loved one can no longer stay at home?
  • How can you legally make decisions for a loved one who is failing?
  • How can you protect your loved one from people who might take advantage?

The questions are many but with the right information, you’ll discover that there are resources available to help you do the job you set out to do.

And that’s why we are here. As Connecticut elder law attorneys, we can help clarify the steps you should take so you can provide the best care for your loved one.

You are NOT alone. You just need to tap into what we do – elder law.

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