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You know what's right. And you know when you're being taken advantage of.

From the start of a family disagreement, a dispute with a nursing facility or problems with a Medicaid decision, it is imperative that you have legal representation from attorneys who focus their practice on elder law. Now is not the time to call your general practice attorney.

Something as important as your family’s future should be handled by an elder law and estate planning attorney. Connecticut's laws are complex and always changing, so you need to be sure you are represented by someone with experience in court, someone who can fight for you to protect your legal rights and obtain justice for you.

The process of litigation is complex and often involves much more than just a trial. In fact, most cases do not proceed to a trial because the parties involved are able to reach a settlement during the course of the litigation process. However, reaching a settlement can be challenging.

At Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri, we take pride in our representation throughout the legal process, in preparing you for trial, and in providing you with the information necessary to make a decision about whether or not to settle your case.

We have a strong track record successfully trying and settling cases involving

In addition to direct representation of our clients, our role includes serving as a consulting financial adviser for the attorney, or serving as a testifying expert providing formal reports and court testimony.

We understand how emotionally taxing conflicts can be and how complicated financial and legal implications can wear you down. That’s why you need us.

We will be your advocate and will protect your legal rights inside the court room. In other words, we will relieve your stress so you and your family can begin putting the pieces of your lives back together.

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Client Reviews
“I cannot find the words to thank all of you properly for your hard work and perseverance. It is a great relief to have gotten a just and proper ruling from the court. All of you have shown great professionalism and concern for the issues I brought before you.” J.G., Greensboro, GA
“All dealings have been excellent. Very professional organization. Great explanations of our options related to preparing a will. Clear, concise, great guidance and not trying to "sell us" on something we do not need. Administrative folks were super. All of our related paperwork was clearly tagged with what we needed to provide/sign/read /etc. Made things easy. Nice work.” L.G., Berlin, CT
“We loved working with your firm and really trust the advice. You have a well-deserved reputation and it was nice to check off a number of things that had been on our To-Do list. Although it's hard to make the time to take care of some of these matters, it is a great relief when you do so. I would definitely recommend your firm to anyone in need of the services that you provide.” L.M., Simsbury, CT
Everyone at the firm were consummate professionals. We felt completely comfortable with their guidance and were impressed by their compassion and commitment to us. R.H., Canton, CT
The attorney who served us was kind, thorough, and very responsive. He pointed out some issues in my mother's documents that could have been problematic down the road. After my mother passed, everything was as seamless as possible - a true gift at a time when life and death decisions were being made and emotions were overwhelming. J.B., Cromwell, CT
Great service, was on top of everything. I'm glad they were there to help us though a tough time. J.M., Farmington, CT
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