Beware: Changes That Could Affect Your Medicaid Eligibility if You Don’t Act

caution-cropped-300x291On March 31st, a change to Medicaid eligibility that was brought about by the onset of COVID-19, is scheduled to come to an end.

A federal policy that had allowed states to temporarily suspend redetermination – the process by which renewal of Medicaid benefits for recipients is reconfirmed – will stop.

Further, the Medicaid continuous coverage requirement will no longer be contingent to the end date of the COVID public health emergency.

As of April 1, states will be able to resume unenrolling people from Medicaid who are determined to be no longer eligible or who fail to complete the renewal process.

In lieu of the continuous Medicaid coverage (regardless of eligibility) that was provided, Connecticut residents, like others across the nation, will now have to act if passive (computerized) renewal fails and will be required to do a manual renewal.

Ultimately, the return of the Medicaid redetermination process could mean that over 430,000 Connecticut residents currently on Medicaid extension for continuous enrollment could lose coverage unless they act.

Awareness is Key

According to the Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS), beneficiaries will be given a date “in which they have to [manually] reply in order to renew their coverage” to encourage Medicaid recipients to provide the DSS information early to avoid a gap in coverage. Individuals who previously were covered under the expanded provision of Medicaid but no longer qualify may be eligible for Transitional Medical Assistance, Covered CT or a health plan through Access Health CT.

Be mindful that you could lose Medicaid benefits, even if you are eligible, if you have missed the redetermination process – meaning you could lose coverage simply over procedural reasons. It is important that the addresses of Medicaid beneficiaries are accurate, so they can receive a notification from DSS. (To help, DSS has an “Update Us, so we can Update U” website.)

Should renewal remain incomplete, or the individual is no longer considered eligible for Medicaid, coverage will close at the end of the month in which their enrollment period ends.

So, if you are a Medicaid recipient, be aware and be on the lookout for a redetermination notice and be prepared to act in an urgent matter so your coverage remains intact.

If you need help navigating your way through the Medicaid application or renewal process, please reach out to us. We are here to help.

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