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iStock_$GiftIf you’re coping with a disability, either your own or a family member’s, a little help goes a long way. The little-known PLAN of Connecticut Charitable Trust is available to pay for a wide range of products and services that could significantly improve your quality of life.

The Charitable Trust provides assistance to people of all ages with disabilities, based on financial need. According to the US Department of Labor, individuals with disabilities are three times as likely to live in poverty as any other group regardless of race, age, gender or geography.

What could the money be used for?

Here are a few typical stories to illustrate the types of products and services supported by the Charitable Trust:

  •  A woman requests help purchasing an accessible vehicle. Having this vehicle will allow her to go to church, attend family functions and lead a more fulfilling life.
  •  A college student’s health begins to rapidly decline and he is forced to move back home. The family’s life is quickly turned upside down. They need to remodel a bathroom to make it more accessible and safe and help him gain back freedom and independence.
  •  A family would like to attend a two-day autism conference where they will receive information about services and resources to improve their family member’s quality of life.

The Charitable Trust has helped individuals pay for walk aides, service dogs, hearing aids, tuition, wheelchair lifts for vehicles, wheelchair ramps, respite care and more. The majority of grants are used to support one-time purchases rather than recurring needs.

Application Process

The Charitable Trust is administered by PLAN of Connecticut. To receive an application, contact PLAN at 860-523-4951. Here’s what you will need:

  1. Proof of a disability
  2. Accurate income, asset, and expense information
  3. Proof there is a long term plan in place for satisfying the need
  4. Proof of ownership if request is for vehicle or home improvement
  5. Proof of Connecticut residency

Once PLAN of Connecticut receives your application, the Trust Committee votes and, if your application is approved, agrees on the amount of the grant. PLAN then notifies you or your family and makes payment directly to the provider of the product or service. Priority goes to those who need it most.

Don’t let lack of finances stand in the way of something important to you. It could be something as basic as an air conditioner to help you stay comfortable during the summer months, or assistance purchasing a reclining lift chair.

What problem or challenge is bugging you? Give the PLAN of Connecticut Charitable Trust a call. A solution may be just around the corner.

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