Disagreements among beneficiaries

When a loved one passes, emotions can run high.  And although there is a shared sense of sadness and grief, not everyone will see eye-to-eye on what happens next.  This is especially true when it comes to the distribution of wealth after someone dies. 

What if a family member contests a Will? What if your siblings disagree with the division of assets in the estate? Or, a beneficiary challenges how to interpret your parent’s Will? 

For example, let’s say you had assumed responsibility caring for your mom the last few months.  Now, she has passed away and you find that you and your sister were left unequal amounts in your mother’s Will.   Why was your sister left such a significant amount of assets and property? Maybe there was a reason – did your mom explain it her Will?  Or maybe you feel your sister improperly influenced her to change the Will without you knowing?  Do you fear your mother was the victim of financial mistreatment?

Handling such disputes requires both knowledge of the substantive laws governing trusts and estates, and a thorough familiarity with the rules of evidence and procedure.  In addition to the necessary technical skills, Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri also possesses the experience, sensitivity and professionalism required in handling and resolving these often stressful and complicated matters.  If you find yourself struggling with disagreements among beneficiaries call us.

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