How do I qualify for Medicaid?

Qualification for Medicaid cannot be neatly summarized. The rules are different depending upon whether you are married or single, and upon which state you live in.
  • Eligibility Rules - To learn about asset limits, the 5-year look back, what counts as an allowable asset and more, click here.

  • Gifting and transfers - Some things you can give away, some you can't. Take a look here for more about how transfers affect Medicaid eligibility.

  • Spending down - If you're not eligible for Medicaid because you own too much, there are ways to spend down to become qualified. But there are ways you must do it! Click here to learn more.
Here are some more helpful articles to help you get your head around Medicaid:

And if you need more help understanding Medicaid or figuring out if you or a loved one can qualify, contact us today. We can even do the Medicaid application for you.

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