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By Carol Frances

As both a mother and a daughter, my roles have always been clear. As part of the sandwich generation, caring for and guiding my precious children and my aging parents have been part of my life for years. I never doubted the value of my roles – I whole-heartedly loved being able to provide guidance, support and comfort. And as much as I can hope to know, I believe I made a positive difference in their lives.

So why would I be surprised how shutdown I became when, in a span of 6 weeks, my mom passed away and my last child flew the nest?

US FlagThe Department of Defense announced that military benefits are now going to be available to married couples of the same sex.

This landmark decision comes in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling against DOMA, which essentially prevented agencies and departments of the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages. This ruling is a national issue that affects same-sex couples in Connecticut.

Good News – Bad News

This is great news for married gay couples but there’s a caveat. Even though the federal government now recognizes same sex marriage, Veteran’s benefits are not covered under the Department of Defense, they fall under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

So what’s the problem? Around three dozen states still do not recognize same sex marriage, and some of these states have large numbers of veterans, including Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas. So a variety in state laws may prevent some couples from receiving benefits. Continue reading

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