Dream Big! Your Next Phase Awaits

By Colleen Masse


When my children were little, a neighbor told me: “just remember, everything is a phase.”

The point they were making was that if there was something annoying or frustrating my kids were doing, that I only needed to wait a while and it would likely stop on its own.

I’ve come to realize that this wisdom is true for all of life: We are always changing and entering new phases while leaving old phases behind. 

As I was approaching a milestone birthday and my younger son was readying for college, I started to think about my next phase and what I would do for me now that the day-to-day child rearing was essentially done. With no one home to make dinner for, clean laundry for or drive around, I would have more time for me!


Colleen at the 2022 Boston Marathon.

I decided I would run a half marathon to mark my birthday and I began preparing. Well, the half marathon was scheduled for May of 2020 and we all know how that went, along with everything else in our lives.

The funny thing was I had integrated the training into my life and had made new running friends, so I kept running (Run Forest, Run!). Since that time, I have entered my “marathon phase”. If you have been around me for more than a few minutes, you have no doubt heard all about it.


The 2023 London Marathon

My marathon phase has taught me life lessons, brought me new friendships and completely changed my Sunday morning routines. This past week was the most incredible by far. On Monday April 17th, 2023 I participated in the Boston Marathon and, just 5 days later, on Sunday April 23rd, 2023 I participated in the London Marathon!

One very special part of the London Marathon was that I raised funds for a British non-profit, Enham Trust, that supports the independence of people with disabilities. What better way to integrate my phases!

I was extremely lucky to have the support of Czepiga Daly Pope & Perri make a generous donation to help me achieve my fundraising goal.

What will your next phase bring?

Don’t hesitate to dream big!

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