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Families don’t always get along, especially when money is involved. That’s why they often end up in court. If you’re currently in a legal dispute that relates to probate, trusts and estates, and elder care concerns, you should know that we can guide you to another path to settle your dispute.

Sadly, we’ve seen many families fighting each other in court. And often, the grievances get entangled with history and varied interpretations of events. You’re not making any headway and your legal fees are adding up. That’s when your attorney may suggest that you consider us for mediation or arbitration, which can be highly cost-effective alternatives to litigation.

Mediation and Arbitration – What’s the Difference?

Both mediation and arbitration are forms of dispute resolution geared toward obtaining a faster end to a disagreement.

Mediation is a good choice when you and the other parties are willing to consider compromise as a means of achieving a final resolution. The parties agree on a neutral attorney to act as the mediator. The mediator helps the parties understand each other’s positions and works to develop options to resolve the dispute in ways that are mutually beneficial. In most cases, the mediation process is done in a day. 

Where mediation is a means to facilitate a voluntary settlement, arbitration, on the other hand, is a more structured, legally binding process where you're bound by an arbitrator's decision. In arbitration, the parties agree present their case to an arbitrator and be bound by the arbitrator’s decision. Here again, the arbitrator is a neutral attorney whom the parties select.

Arbitration is suitable for parties who prefer to “have their day in court” rather than compromise. It is typically faster than court litigation and has the added benefit of privacy. Unlike court litigation, the parties get to pick the arbitrator who will decide the case. 

Areas in which mediation or arbitration could benefit you:

  • Challenges to the validity of Wills and trusts
  • Issues with estate administration and executor performance
  • Gifts and other lifetime property transfers
  • Trust management and trustee performance problems
  • Disputes over conservatorship and elder care
  • Power of attorney problems
  • Conflicts in family-owned businesses
To discuss which dispute resolution would be appropriate for you, contact our litigation team.

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Client Reviews
“I cannot find the words to thank all of you properly for your hard work and perseverance. It is a great relief to have gotten a just and proper ruling from the court. All of you have shown great professionalism and concern for the issues I brought before you.” J.G., Greensboro, GA
“All dealings have been excellent. Very professional organization. Great explanations of our options related to preparing a will. Clear, concise, great guidance and not trying to "sell us" on something we do not need. Administrative folks were super. All of our related paperwork was clearly tagged with what we needed to provide/sign/read /etc. Made things easy. Nice work.” L.G., Berlin, CT
“We loved working with your firm and really trust the advice. You have a well-deserved reputation and it was nice to check off a number of things that had been on our To-Do list. Although it's hard to make the time to take care of some of these matters, it is a great relief when you do so. I would definitely recommend your firm to anyone in need of the services that you provide.” L.M., Simsbury, CT
Everyone at the firm were consummate professionals. We felt completely comfortable with their guidance and were impressed by their compassion and commitment to us. R.H., Canton, CT
The attorney who served us was kind, thorough, and very responsive. He pointed out some issues in my mother's documents that could have been problematic down the road. After my mother passed, everything was as seamless as possible - a true gift at a time when life and death decisions were being made and emotions were overwhelming. J.B., Cromwell, CT
Great service, was on top of everything. I'm glad they were there to help us though a tough time. J.M., Farmington, CT
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