Settlement Planning


Put the icing on the cake
Now put the icing on the cake.

As an attorney for workers comp, personal injury or medical malpractice, you've worked hard to win that settlement. And your clients love you for it.

But imagine if the award jeopardizes public benefits - 
the ones relied on for medical care?

Well-known throughout Connecticut for our legal team in special needs and for our in-house trust department, we draft special needs trusts from the simple to the complex, for the small settlement to the large.

And because we have taken great care to learn about the needs and desires of our trust beneficiaries, we are often chosen as their trustee. The best way to serve as trustee after all, is to know the beneficiary. And to communicate with them often.

In addition to creating special needs trusts and trust administration, here are other ways we can assist you:

  • Public benefits 
    To build your client's economic security, he or she may be able to receive public benefits such as Medicaid, Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), to name just a few. Connecticut has a vast array of programs - some with asset limits and others without.

  • Settlement planning  
    Government benefits can be essential to the long term security of a personal injury victim. And because many programs are based on need, without proper planning, the benefits could be discontinued when there is a settlement.|

  • Medicare Set Asides (MSA) 
    An MSA provides funds to an injured party to pay for future medical expenses that would normally be covered by Medicare. We have Certified MSA consultants to help with this arrangement.

  • Estate planning
    Estate planning for a client with a disability or a special need is complicated. It requires customized tools to preserve money from savings, a law suit or inheritance, so that there are enough resources to contribute to a secure lifestyle.
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