Discover Tranquility Within Your iPhone

AdobeStock_265755506-300x200By: Beth Dance

As a working mom and active human being, I treasure blissful relaxation. Some nights it’s seemingly simple and I fall asleep within seconds of my head hitting the pillow. However, there are certainly nights where I lay awake excruciatingly long, drumming up to-do lists with my brain negating rest.

Recently, in an anxious and desperate moment, I think I actually googled the words “how to fall asleep faster” and what I found was an instant game changer.

iPhones are sound machines! They have the ability to play sounds of the ocean, rain, and other white noises that aid in the art of calm.

Since my discovery, I have used this setting on my iPhone not only to fall asleep but I’ve played it for family members who experience sensory issues. And, for all parents and grandparents out there—it’s an excellent feature to use if you’re all in the same room or even a hotel room traveling and need to drown out snoring.

Here are the steps you can take to arrive at pure bliss.

1. On your phone home page, seek out and tap on settings as seen below:























2. Scroll until you find the accessibility option.























3. Then select Audio/Visual.























4. Tap on Background Sounds.























5. Then tap the toggle button from OFF to ON.























6. Select the sound that suits your mood!























7. When you’re ready to turn off the sound, simply move the toggle button back to the off setting and everything will stop.

I hope you enjoy this iPhone feature as much as I do. And, if you can’t be at the ocean, at least you can still relax to the sounds of the waves in your home!

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