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Driving CarHave you ever thought it might be nice to make a little extra money to supplement your retirement?

Maybe you need a bit more income just to make ends meet, or maybe you’re doing okay but wouldn’t mind having some room in your budget for nice-to-have treats like a special night out or a weekend away.

Many digital-savvy seniors have found fun and creative ways to earn this kind of additional money as participants in the sharing economy. Continue reading

The mechanical arm and a butterfly.

You may not be ready for a robot caregiver – believe it or not they exist – but a growing number of technologies are available today to help older adults maintain their health, manage chronic conditions, and live safely and successfully in their own homes.

This is great news!

Because if you’re like most people, you’d rather stay put and never have to call a nursing home “home.” Technology tools also make life a little easier for family caregivers, trying to keep all the balls in the air.

So what can technology do to lighten the load? Continue reading


“Downsizing” is one of those words that seems simple, but can be wrought with overwhelming and emotional baggage. While it’s easy to embrace the concept – a smaller space, fewer possessions – actually getting rid of stuff is often harder than expected.

This shouldn’t really come as a surprise since we spend most of our lives accumulating “stuff.”

Year after year, we buy and collect, receive gifts, and save mementos, and it slowly fills up every drawer, shelf, attic space, closet, and corner of the garage. And then, in the course of a few weeks or months, we’re faced with undoing decades’ worth of acquiring.

It’s not easy. Continue reading

man-listeningGood news!  You can now take a hearing test over the phone.

That’s right, the National Institute of Health has provided a grant to support this easy test that you can take in the privacy of your home.

Why should you consider taking the test? Read on…

No one wants to admit they’re losing their hearing, but according to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) hearing loss is a reality for more than a third of people age 65 to 74, and more than half of those over the age of 75.

These numbers make it one of the most prevalent health issues for older Americans. Only arthritis and heart disease affect more seniors. Continue reading

happy senior woman painting pictureIt’s never too late to explore your artistic side. In fact, many people discover that the second half of life is the perfect time to learn an art or craft.

Whether you decide to pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, sit down at a potter’s wheel, or strap on some dancing shoes, the arts offer countless opportunities for enrichment, fulfillment, and joy.

Many of our most beloved artists got their starts later in life. Monet didn’t get serious about painting until he was in his forties. Forty may be young by today’s standards, but in Monet’s day the average life expectancy hovered around the early sixties, making forty almost “venerable.”

Brain is weightlifting againUse it or lose is the old adage, and it applies to your brain as well as your body. In this post, we’re going to give you a long list of things you can do to use your brain and keep it healthy.

Consider the alternative – succumbing to Alzheimer’s. This may sound draconian, but here are the harsh realities:

  • Alzheimer’s affects 5.1 million people age 65 and older in 2015.
  • By 2025 that number will reach 7.1 million – a whopping 40 percent increase!
  • By 2050, unless there’s a cure, the number may triple compared to 2015 – to 16 million.

Happily, we may be able to do something about it. Continue reading

pasta-1439100-mMiss the days when you could take Mom or Dad out to a restaurant for a great meal? Now that they’re homebound, those days are over.

Even if they are still mobile –  shopping, cooking and cleaning up are often just too much to manage.

If you had the time, you’d love to shop for fresh, local ingredients and prepare delicious, healthy meals for them.

Heck, you’d love to do that for yourself! Continue reading

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